Written by Peter Jeun Ho Tsang

aaeaaqaaaaaaaak2aaaajdcxy2m0mzq1ltqxn2ytngu3ny05nwzhlwninjywn2e0owzlnwFashion retailers are using digital technologies to create new shopping experiences. “Retail theatre” – creating exciting experiences in physical stores – has become a standard expectation for shoppers. These customers are integrating information and behaviours from a variety of new tools such as cognitive services as well as Snapchat, WhatsApp and Boomerang into their shopping experience.

I presented alongside  IBM’s Innovation team, Fluid and Design Week on designing the perfect retail experience in an exclusive online webinar. Hosted by Tom Banks, editor of Design Week, we discussed some of the findings from our Spitalfields store and also the key themes that myself and The Dandy Lab team will be taking into the next version of the co-retail lab.

The 21st century retailer cannot just be a merchandiser; they must be an orchestrator for each shopper, by helping to design the right experience at the right time and in the right place. This encourages customers to not just purchase but to return and keep purchasing.

In this Design Week webinar – in partnership with IBM – we looked at how we can:

  1. Harvest the right data at the right time in order to serve these continually connected shoppers.
  2. Design a contextually appropriate shopping environment which continually accompanies the customer.
  3. Understand not just the customer profile, but the triggers for their behaviour in real time.
  4. Anticipate and serve these needs with each customer interaction.

Follow this link to listen to the recorded session: How to Design the Perfect Interactive Retail Experience

Presented by: Tom Banks (Design Week), Mary Wallace (Senior Managing Consultant – IBM), Kent Deverall (Fluid) and Peter Jeun Ho Tsang (The Dandy Lab)

About Peter

Peter is Co-Founder & Creative Director of The Dandy Lab and has a background in fashion product development and retailing. He holds an MA in Digital Fashion from London College of Fashion, where he is also an Associate Lecturer. He is currently developing academic research looking at ‘the future of retail’, consumer behaviour in smart retail environments and innovation within fashion retail ecosystems.


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